Is there a minimum charge for collection and delivery?

Yes, There is a £20 minimum charge for collection and delivery of ironing. 

What if I miss the delivery driver?

If you think you may miss the driver, please let us know before 6pm on the collection/delivery date. If we are not notified there is a £5 charge applied if the driver is required to attempt a re-collection or re-delivery. 

How should I pack the clothes?

Clothes should be packaged in a strong bag, with no holes. Clothes should never be over-dried (to achieve best results). Please fold clothes, turn them the right way round and unbutton all shirts. 

How do I weigh the clothes?

You don't need to worry, the driver will bring a scale and weigh the clothes in front of you at collection. You will then be given a receipt with the weight, price and the delivery day. 

I'm not happy with the standard of ironing I received, what should I do?

Quality and customer satisfaction are really important to us. We take strict measures to ensure that your ironing reaches you in excellent condition. If you are not satisfied, please contact the shop within 24 hours and we will collect and re-iron the items free of charge. 

How do I pay?

You can pay via cash on delivery, cheque or bank transfer.