Step 1

Call, text, WhatsApp or Email us to book a collection. We will confirm the day with you.

020 8509 3333

07979 524 165

Step 2

Prepare your clothes in strong bags folded and ready for the driver to collect on the specified day. 

Step 3

The driver will come to collect your clothes. Please place a note in the bag if there are special instructions for particular garments (e.g. starch my shirts, fold all t-shirts.) They will be weighed and you will be given a receipt with the weight, price and delivery day specified. 

Step 4

Your clothes will be returned to our shop and laundered/ironed depending to your specifications. 

Step 5

Your clothes will be delivered back to you on hangers and folded. Please have the payment ready for the driver at delivery. 

Step 6

Enjoy your freshly pressed clothes :-)